.ahtnamaS (baby_yr_in_luck) wrote,

I suck at updating.

  • The cold/flu is going around. Greeeat.
  • My cats keep fighting. I wish they'd just get along. &there's no way I'm getting rid of either of them!
  • School is boring. I spend the class daydreaming, and when I try reading my textbooks, I just read word to word, not in sentences.
  • I've been working the same job for almost a year, which is the longest I've ever kept a job. It's time to start looking for something new.
  • I finally cut my mullethair yesterday. It's basically the same style, but much easier to do in the mornings.
  • I want a boy toy.

    &I just got Firefox (probably the last person in the world to?), and it made my LJ layout ugly.
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