.ahtnamaS (baby_yr_in_luck) wrote,

University started the other day. It's... boring. I now remember why I decided to take time off after highschool.
I haven't really met anybody new. Hopefully someone will talk to me soon, preferably a cute boy. I'd start a conversation with some, but I'm shy.
I have a 2 hour break between classes, so I walk to a mall nearby, grab a french-vanilla coffee and pretend to browse the stores to waste time. 

I'm not used to waking up early yet (between 6:30 & 7:30am). I get home after class early-mid afternoon, then take a nap if I don't have to work. And when I wake up, I'm a grouch. It's not that big of a deal, just feel guilty later for being a bitch to my sisters. Oh welllll.

&I was approved for the student loan. Just have to call them to figure out how I get the money.

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